World Bowls Mixed Pairs – the Semi-Finals

A great set of semi-finals which saw last year’s winners – Ceri-Anne & Stewart beating Giulia (from California) & Mark D 2-1 in the tie break.  It doesn’t get much closer than that!

Nicole R & Wayne were up against Nick B & Julie F both of whom had won the Mixed Pairs (with different partners) in previous years.  The girls bowled so well with nothing to choose between them .  It should inspire us all to remember “It’s a drawing game”.  Wayne had some brilliant shots somehow weaving their their way into shot bowl position before Nick B stepped up another gear with other ideas although he did manage to put some bowls through gaps in the head that were impossible!  Nick & Julie took the victory 7-5, 7-5.  A very low scoring semi-final – each set accumulating only 12 shots over 9 ends.

The Final is on Tuesday at 1:00 pm on BBC2 – a welcome treat for all our non-FB/non-YouTube members.

Thanks to Katharine W from Hampton who forwarded the link for the BBC Schedule for the matches which can be live, or on the red button or iPlayer.

Whenever you’re watching, take a moment to look at the different delivery styles. Ceri-Ann starts swinging high then has two more swings as she gets closer down before she releases the bowl.  Nicole focuses on a spot on the carpet a few yards in front of her and stays watching before standing upright; Julie Forrest has a bit of a “push” action with no backswing. Katherine Rednall is remarkably quick onto the mat and Nick B says he always know what shot he is going to play before getting on the mat.  Different styles and speeds but they’re all bloomin’ good bowlers.

Today, it’s just the girls in singles action on the green.  The commentator said that Nicole Rogers is one to watch as she goes from strength to strength in her career.  I’m sure they’ll say the same about Lauren Gowen who represented Wales in the British Under 25 Championships when she was just 10.  Crikey!  Who says bowls is for old people?!  It’s a sport for all.


GB-SCTAilsa Robertson vs GB-ENGNicole Rogers


GB-ENGKatherine Rednall vs GB-ENGAnnalisa Dunham


USGiulia Gallo vs GB-WLSCeri Ann Glen


GB-WLSLauren Gowen vs GB-SCTJulie Forrest

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