World Bowls on BBC2/Red Button/iPlayer From Today – Hooray!

Mixed matches for the Ladies yesterday.  I didn’t see all of them.  Ceri-Ann and Giulia didn’t seem to be having their best game, whereas Nicole had a storming win over Ailsa.

Personally, I didn’t think Katherine didn’t look over comfortable and obviously Annalisa pushed her to a draw in the second set which was good, but it did mean Katherine secured her place in the semi-final.  The most exciting one, on which I need to catch up, is Julie v Lauren which went to a nail-biting tie-break.  With Lauren holding match at 1-1 in the tie break, Julie pulled out a masterful final shot out of the bag to win through.  The girls will now have time to practice until the semi-finals on Wednesday.  As there is only one portable rink, it is not unusual for any of the players to be out practising at 2;00, 3:00 or 4:00 am.  It must mess up their body clocks!


Today features the men again with the all Scottish LIVE Final of the Pairs on BBC2 at 1:00.  Early lunch then feet up with a cup of coffee to enjoy the entertainment … unless you’re at work, then it will have to wait until post leagues tonight!  Who is your money on?  Stewart has been drawing on a sixpence in all of his singles matches but Jason has been holding his own with Paul and Paul will have had a warm up on the rink as he’s first up in the morning for singles.  Seems a bit odd that.  Stewart has to wait until after his Mixed Pairs Final to play his next round of singles.  Maybe they’ll change the order .  You can watch Paul v Aron on the BBC red button .

Whether you’re watching bowls on anything else, have a good Monday.

ROUND 1 (32) S16 – SINGLES

GB-SCTPaul Foster MBE vs AUAron Sherriff


GB-SCTStewart Anderson & Darren Burnett vs GB-SCTJason Banks & Paul Foster MBE


GB-ENGJamie Walker vs GB-SCTIain McLean

ROUND 1 (32) S15 – SINGLES

GB-SCTMichael Stepney vs HKDesmond Lai

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    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Hi Rita.
      I got there via BBC iPlayer, Channels, BBC2 then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and there’s a “Schedule” button. If you click on that and tap up until you get to the bowls at 13:00. I’ve managed to access the other games televised by the BBC as well.
      Hope this helps.

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