World Bowls Championship

Well, having spoken to a few of you, it sounds like the Men’s Pairs Final was a bit disappointing being very one-sided.  On any other day, maybe the tables would have turned.  How often have you heard “Bowls – It’s all on the day”?!!

Paul Foster’s singles match before the pairs, I gather, was a great display of bowls.  None of the singles’ matches went to a tie-break which is a shame now more viewers could be watching on the BBC.

Hopefully today’s matches, including the Mixed Pairs Final, is more entertaining.  If I was a betting person, my money would be on Julie & Nick even though Ceri Ann& Stewart won last year. Match starts at 1;00 pm on BBC2 and carries on with the Paxton v Weir Singles.

Scotland is well represented in the Open Singles.  Maybe Stewart Anderson can reach all three finals in 2024?  He’s certainly drawing well enough but it also depends on how well his opponent plays or lets him play, of course!  I hope I haven’t put the KOD on him!

ROUND 2 (16) S18 – SINGLES

GB-ENGHarry Goodwin vs GB-SCTDavid Gourlay MBE


GB-WLSGB-SCTCeri Ann Glen & Stewart Anderson vs GB-SCTGB-ENGJulie Forrest & Nick Brett

ROUND 2 (16) S19 – SINGLES

GB-ENGRobert Paxton vs GB-SCTDarren Weir

ROUND 2 (16) S20 – SINGLES

GB-ENGJon Wilson vs GB-SCTStewart Anderson

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