A Successful First of the Finals Day

Well done to Competition Organiser Ange, for a successful Saturday.

Winners so far:

Ladies Challenge Cup: Ann Bamber  (Stella Spaulindg Runner-Up)

Men’s Challenge Cup:  Andy Hawes  (Steve Harbud Runner-Up)

Two Bowl Singles:  Peter Judge  (Dave Pitt Runner-Up)

Drawn Mixed Triples:  Ray Verralls, Lucy Horan & Dave Pitt  (Ange Cumine, Scott Cumine & Peter Twells Runners Up)

Drawn Ladies Pairs:  Jacqui Lund & Dawn Slaughter  (Audrey Hay & Teresa French Runners Up)

Drawn Mixed Pairs:  Ann Bamber & Dave Pitt  (Lucy Horan & Graham Dale Runners Up)

Good to see so many supporters and spectators too.


Today we start at 09:30 again with the Open Mixed Triples and Men’s Championship

Paul did a brilliant job in the kitchen yesterday (the chips are wonderful!), so come down and enjoy a light meal and support the Sunday  players including Peter Chapman, Mike & Tina Cooper, Laurie Gascoigne, Ian Dale, Peter Judge, Jacqui Lund, Stella Spaulding, Ange Cumine, Dave Pitt, Teresa French, Ann Halliday, Tony Briden, Ron Bavin, Dawn Slaughter with Gordon Macleod, Kevin Keown and Scott Cumine on marker duties.

Jane, as usual, did a sterling job behind the bar, especially after a very long Friday night stint and will be back for another shift at lunchtime!



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  1. Peter Judge says:

    Thanks to Ange for arranging the competitions and to everyone who contributed to making the finals weekend a great event – catering, marking, playing and supporting.

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