Pancake Tuesday

Well it’s not really Pancake Tuesday but the boys might be feeling a bit flat following last night’s Middlesex Fours semi-final. It was 8-8 after 8 ends. Then they were 10-14 after 14 ends but Dave P,  John Donaghue, Ray Snelling and Eldred managed to get a couple of 3’s and a 4 and our chaps (Peter T, Scott, Peter J & Laurie) conceded 12-24 after 18 ends.

I saw the first 14 ends and it was certainly a good battle!

Today, Dave P, John D & Ray S are off to Nottingham for the National Finals of the Triples. They’re playing at 6.00 pm and you can watch the live scoring via the EIBA competition page.
Good luck!

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