AGM Minutes and Notes

The Minutes from the AGM are in the Members’ section of the website.

You might be pleased to know that following an interview at Ashford Hospital on Tuesday, I have been offered a job.  Hooray!  As this is now fixed, I offered to re-stand as Indoor Captain.  This is reflected in the Minutes.

Other news:-

Scott has been sent up onto the roof (sounds like one of the chimney boys!) and has cleared it of leaves and the really irritating sycamore wings which get into everything.  They were fun when we were children as they twirled through the air.  So, thanks to Scott as it needed to be done and should now leave the gutters and hoppers able to function as they were intended.

The kitchen doesn’t run with fairies.  If you make a tea/coffee and put your money in the pot that’s fine, but you need to wash your mug up afterwards and not just dump it in the sink.  If there are dirty mugs found in the sink over the next week, the kitchen will be closed and you will need to use the machine for the times where the bar isn’t open to serve you teas/coffees.

Race Night – on top of the £515 for Macmillan Cancer Research, £285 was raised for the club.  Thanks to everyone.

Open Evening – Friday 15th October – 6.00 – 9.00 pm.  Bring a friend/colleague/outdoor member from another club and come and have a go.  There will be people to give some basic instruction.  Remember what it was like when you started and how much fun it was – short bowls, ditch bowls, wrong bias – we all had fun and then as the weeks/months/years have gone on, look how far we’ve improved and the various achievements of members and the club as a whole.  You just have to start somewhere!  Ange and Scott turned up on an Open Evening 4 years ago never having bowled a bowl before.  Look at how far they have come and both contributing in other ways for the Club.

Quiz Night on 29th October.  Ange and family will produce the questions.  We just need you to sign up and join in!  If you haven’t got a full team, don’t worry we can slot you in with someone else.  It’s a fun evening and we wouldn’t expect any team to score 100%!   Thunderbirds, Emergency Ward 10, 1940s hits, cooking ingredients, H2O, films, logos, rivers, buildings, Sue Ellen, Red Rum ….. you never know what sort of questions there will be and sometimes a answer comes from out of your hippocampus (look it up!) after several years sitting dormant!

For those New Members or Re-Joining , please can you complete an Application Form, link below? 

210402 – CP Membership Application 2021-2022 – Rev.1

It was remarkable that during 2020 how many people changed address, cars, emails!  We’d like to ensure everything is correct.  As soon as you hand the form in, the process will be in place to send you a subscription invoice and a CP Membership Card issued.

Outdoor Competitions for 2022 – Middlesex and Bowls England  

For those of you entering these competitions, Norman would like your forms and entry fees back by 10th October.  Download the appropriate form for your gender from the links below.  Hard copies also available at the Club.

National & Middlesex Competition Form 2022 – Ladies

National & Middlesex Competition Form 2022 – Men

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  1. Ann Dale says:

    Well done Dawn brilliant news. We wish you every success in your new career. Thanks too for standing as ladies captain.

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