Wednesday – What a Glorious Morning!

Wasn’t it lovely to get out of bed and see the sun, even if it’s a bit chilly outside.

I’ve had an odd couple of days swatting up for an interview, so apologies for not posting yesterday.

Thanks for everyone who came along last night – 19 in total.  Thanks to Peter J for organising us all and then rolling up on his own so everyone else was involved in triples for the evening.

There are 26 signed up for Saturday afternoon – that’s brilliant!   We can accommodate 32 without having to swap in and out.

The mixed friendly v King George Field away is on Wednesday 20th October.  I knew Thursday didn’t look right!  If you can play and can take a couple of team members in your car, that would be really helpful.  KGF now have caterers, so there will be a meal afterwards (So, no cooking or washing up for those playing!  Whoopee.  I’m in!).  Match fee is £8

Steve has put a sign up sheet for the Men’s London & Southern Counties Challenge Shield v Herga.  It’s 4 rinks of men – 2 rinks home, 2 away.  Saturday 27th November is the play by/on date and I think that is the date we’re heading for, so please sign up if you’re available.

Good to know that your positive thoughts have been working as a couple of our hospitalised members are now at home and on the mend.  Sending more good wishes their way as well as to Ange who is still hobbling, so can’t play at the moment.

With the weather looking so lovely, I’m off to Wakehurst Gardens to wallow in autumn colours – and mud, probably!

Enjoy the roll up this morning for all going.

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