And the Winners are ….


Not only were there really good bowls played, the BBQ was great and it was good to see our friends enjoying chatting and catching up over the day.

Quarter Finals:

Laurence & Gordon beat Audrey & Peter

Stella & Barry beat Jean & Norman

Ann & Gym beat Tricia & Lucy

Dave P & Dawn beat Brian & Dave W


Laurence  & Gordon beat Stella & Barry

Dave & Dawn beat Ann & Gym


After 42 ends of play over the day, Dave & Dawn beat Laurence & Gordon with all four players putting in some brilliant shots with the heads changing as each bowl came in.  (We also played some less-than-wonderful bowls lingering a couple of yards short but we’re human and not internationals! ) The quality of play was definitely worthy of a final and exciting as none of the spectators nodded off!
Personally, I would like to thank Ange for lending me Dave as a partner as, superhuman as she is, even she couldn’t manage to play and BBQ.

Many, many thanks to Ange who mastered minded the whole event from the initial idea, to putting it all together as well as doing the BBQ.  She couldn’t have done it without Scott who gallantly left the cosiness of his bed to be at the club at 8.00 am on both days, swishing the green, erecting the gazebo and helping with the food and setting up and clearing up throughout.

Thanks to Jane behind the bar keeping players and spectators hydrated and to Sheila H last Saturday and Jacquie E yesterday for being “the official”.  Jacquie was even called onto the green with calipers for that tight all-important semi-final measure!

But really a big thanks to all the club members who came along and supported the event as players and/or spectators.  It wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without you.  Apologies there are no photos.  I seemed to be a bit busy all day!

Thank you!


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