Get the Washing Out!

Well, it’s very windy out there this morning so it looks like a good day for getting the washing out on the line – if you have the facility to do so.

It sort of feels like autumn is beginning to kick in. There were rosehips on the bushes in Syon Park.  Who remembers being fed rosehip syrup as a child?  It was probably 90% sugar and no wonder we all liked it!

It was warm last night as I walked back from Richmond but very dark at 9.15 pm  Lockdown and restrictions for the last 5+ months seems to have muddled the seasons in my head anyway.  We had fabulous weather in April and May and it has been pretty good all the way through apart from the odd day or two of rain and lst week’s tropical showers.

At the moment the forecast for tomorrow’s match v Chertsey is ok and you might need a fleece against the wind.  Sunday’s Club Pairs final rounds and BBQ seems to have an odd light shower forecast, so bring everything you might need to keep yourselves comfortable!

The sign up sheet for the final matchof the outdoor season with Men v Ladies on Saturday 19th September is up on the Board.  Please put your names down.  The whole of the indoor facilities will go through an intensive deep clean the week after, so we can start re-organising furniture etc. in preparation for indoor play at the start of October.

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