Big Matches for Friday in Cambridgeshire!

Good luck to Tina Cooper and Dave Pitt as they enter into the Regional semi finals (the top 32 in the country) of their respective National Senior Singles representing Middlesex.

The neutral green is St Neots, so not exactly close for a band of supporters to go along unfortunately.

Tina plays at 10:00 against Cynthia Lee of Essex South and Dave plays at 12:30 against Jerry Rumball of Garston of Hertfordshire.  Wins will see them both through to the Regional Finals at 15:30 and the winners of those matches head off to Leamington for the National quarter finals at the end of the month.

There have been some terrific games at Leamington but even if some of the shots have been a little surprising, the tenacity of the teams, in particular the England Men’s Triples, just goes to show that you have to stay focussed and not let your head go down even when your opponents come right back at you.

Play well both of you.  We’ll be with you in spirit and urging you on virtually!


Closer to home, the Friday Night Leagues are coming to the last few weeks.  It’s great to see the green busy in the evening.  Play well and enjoy.

Unfortunately both matches this weekend have had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers.  Keep an eye out on the noticeboard and sign up for any matches you can.  They’re good fun and great for gaining experience.


PS  Who else saw Alex Marshall’s triple wick to split the two NZ bowls in the match this evening?  Although he was trying to split the bowls more directly, it was a very jammy shot that rewarded him with the result.  As George H would say “You have to be in the head ……”!!

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