Well Done Tina & Good Luck to You and Cathy Today!

Tina is a busy girl.  She had a great win in the final 32 of the National Senior Singles yesterday, then went down 19-21 in the last 16.  Mike reported it was a real nailbiter!  Tina said she just had to knock her opponents bowl off the jack on (what turned out to be) the final end to get the 2 shots to win.  She knocked it off but just not quite hard enough.  Tough but it must have been a really good game.

Tina is back in action this morning with Cathy in the MIddlesex Over 55 Pairs quarter final at Ladygate starting at 10:00 am.  Cathy is also making a second appearance in the Over 55 Singles quarter final.  Good luck to both of them.  Spectators welcome at Ladygate.

On Monday evening the CP girls are out in force in the last 16 of the National Top Club competition v Gerrards Cross, also at Ladygate, so at least Tina & Cathy will get an early feel for the green.


Alas, Dave Pitt didn’t win his National Senior Singles last 32 match, but his opponent did go on to win the next round, putting him into the quarter finals at Leamington.

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