Centenary Year President and Captain Nominations

So here we are, at the start of the Cambridge Park Bowling & Sports Club Centenary Year and we’re missing two vital roles!

Norman has suggested that, you, the members send us your nominations.  We have some special matches arranged so meeting, greeting players and officials will be part of the roles, as well as post match short speeches.  A warm welcoming smile is an essential!  For those of  you playing up to February 2020, you know the drill for matches!   It can be one position or two.  There are people on hand to help so whoever is nominated wouldn’t be out there on their own!

The positions are open to men and women.  You can post your nominations in the comments box below or send them to normanchart@hotmail.com  You can even nominate yourself.



Stay safe and warm.  It really is bitterly cold but worth taking a few steps outside to realise how lovely it is to come back to a warm home!  Spare a thought for those who do not have a dry roof over their heads too.

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