Forgot to Mention the Rugby!

The English supporters won’t have minded that I forgot about the rugby yesterday.  However, our Scottish contingent must have been leaping up and down with their earned win at Twickenham.

On the plus side, the England supporters would have been over the moon with the cricket yesterday and a double century for Joe Root and continuing ther confident team play this morning.

AND not only Brenda would have been pleased with the England No.1 Dan Evans winning the first ATP title of his career in the Murray River Open Tennis Final.

Norman C and Ted from Teddington would have been pleased that Chelsea made a win albeit not quite as they had expected on Thursday v Spurs.  Richard H and Ray V will not come to blows as Fulham and West Ham had a no score draw and  all our Brentford supporters – Ray P, David S and many others will be ecstatic at their 4-1 win having been 0-1 down.

For those of you who want a quiet night in with entertainment, Musicals, The Greatest Show will be on BBC1 tonight at 7.40 pm  It was broadcast live on Radio 2 last Sunday night but now you’ll be able to see the performers.  No wide angle tv needed as the BBC will have worked out the top way of filiming everyone on stage socially distanced.  You can hear some absolutely brilliant songs from the shows.  I expect even some of you will be in tears like me at “One More Day” from Les Miserables to finish.  The opening chords have me reaching for the Kleenex (there are other tissue brands!)

For the sporting night owls, you’ll no doubt be watching the SuperBowl with the Kansa Bay Chiefs taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 10.00 pm on Sky, 11.30 pm on BBC 1 .  Some of us will be tucked up in bed by then!


Have a good Sunday.  Get out if you can – well wrapped up; and phone a friend if  you can’t.  Both of very good for the mental wellbeing.  I’m off to do my first online exercise class.  Way behind Shirley O and others of you!

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  1. Dawn Slaughter says:

    Jacquie E has thrown a few more options into tonight’s viewing mix …
    The Great Pottery Throwdown on Channel 4 at 8.00 pm and the 25th Anniversary concert version of Les Miserables on Sky Arts (Freeview channel 11) at 9.00 pm.
    Neil Brand has had a BBC4 series on musicals.

    If drama is your thing, I’m sure either The Serpent and/or Finding Alice will be on your radar.

    Thank goodness for numerous programmes available on the assorted catch ups during the weekday evenings!

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