Christmas Closing – Heads Up

Alas, the bar and kitchen will not be open for drinks and substantial meals today as we had hoped, so perhaps we can all raise a glass or a mug over our lunch to wish everyone a happy Christmas — we just have to use our imagination that we are all sitting in the same space!

Isle of Wight Ron B and Hampton Sheila M wish everyone well and are looking forward to seeing their friends at the club in 2021.

Cheers! (Photo from – Thank you)

The Club will be shut for bowling on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 27th and 28th December as well as New Year’s Day.

The electrical periodic testing and other maintenance are being done on 28th so it is a lot easier for this to be carried out throughout the building without lights/heaters etc going on and off all the time.

Has anyone spotted those reindeer?  I hope they’re not overindulging in carrots or, worse, mince pies before the big night!

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