Dancer and Prancer Spaced Out

The reindeer are not ‘spaced’ out as on drugs(!), just spacing out on adjacent rinks in accordance with the Tier 3 guidelines even though it makes them a little bit sad not being able to try to outplay each other’s bowls on the same rink, although they could if they’re in a support bubble.  However, clever reindeer that they are, they have set themselves solo challenge games and targets, so one hour on the rink is spent competitively as they not only try to score highly for their own benefit but also try and beat the other one.   If you’re not in a support bubble and struggling to think of something to do on your own besides walk up and down the green, then ask them for ideas!

As the schools are winding down or have already done so, it reminds us of those school/church Nativity productions of years ago.  My eldest was cast as Joseph one year and my youngest declared he wanted to “be the star”.  I don’t think he was expecting to wear a white crimplene dress and carry a gold star on a broomstick down the aisles as he led each group to Mary and Joseph!  The next year he insisted on wearing his royal blue/yellow dragon costume but neither the shepherds nor the sheep seemed to mind this intruder in their midst.  (Surely a dragon isn’t any worse than an octopus?!)  All that and he’s not even the one performing on the amdram stage these days!

On Sunday morning, Radio 2 were reading out emails re nativity plays.  Here are two that I remember.

  1.  One lady’s granddaughter was so miffed at being a shepherd and not an angel, that on the performance night, she strode onto the stage tight-lipped, hurled the sheep at the manger and sat down grimacing with arms crossed and legs wide apart.  Her grandmother said that at least her granddaughter was wearing clean knickers!  Phew, that was a relief anyway!
  2. One ‘Joseph’ was suffering from stage fright, so ‘Mary’ tucked Baby Jesus under her arm, took the donkey’s reins over her shoulder leading him forward whilst putting her other arm around Joseph telling him “Don’t worry.  It’s going to be alright.”    With a start like that, I am sure she carried on that empathy and kindness as she grew up. A little bit of kindness goes a long way!

Do you have memories or yours, your children or your grandchildren or even great grandchilden in their Nativity productions?

While you’re thinking about that, it’s good to hear that Gerry is on the list for his first dose of the Covid vaccine this weekend.  Great to know that this side of London is also starting to get the vaccine programme rolling out.


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