Tuesday and There are Rinks Free in All Slots!

Ok, so it’s Tier 3 from midnight tonight, but that means we will probably have to go back to solos and singles as it was pre-National Lockdown in November.  Today is Tier 2, so if you want to play some pairs then book a rink.

From tomorrow, it’s not a National Lockdown.  The shops are open, the hairdressers are open.  Swimming pools and gyms are open (don’t get me on my soapbox about the latter – aargh!).

On 2nd December, the EIBA advice for Tier 3 was:

“Organised indoor bowls is only permitted for people from the same household/support bubble on a rink as long as they do not interact with people on other rinks”

On 2nd December, Bowls England advised:

“We remind all clubs that items may be adapted as necessary to meet your club’s specific circumstances, so long as your actions remain consistent with the latest Government guidance and that the Government guidance on social distancing is adhered to at all times.”

So the Club will still be open from tonight.  You are welcome to book rinks and if you want to wear a face covering while playing, please do so.  We have a few members who have bowled in masks since September.  Providing your mask is a good fit and not flapping around your nose, you should not find it too awkward.  Just don’t put it on, take it off, put it on, take it off as that’s when germs get wafted around.

If you haven’t noticed them, there are 1m high thin blue pillars by every rink.  These are pedal-operated hand sanitisers.  Press the pedal gently and the required amount of sanitising gel will come out of the nozzle.  You don’t need to touch any part except the foot pedal !

Remember to keep your social distancing wherever you are – club , shops, streets.  That is the key thing.

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