Christmas Opening Hours (D.V. & Omicron Permitting!)

Christmas comes but once a year … and some years are easier than others!  Last year was pretty awful for most people.  This year should be more relaxed except it probably won’t be with the omicron threat around.  We’ll find ourselves sitting around the edges of the room dressed in winter coats with the windows open to keep the room ventilated, as we did at the office party – but at least we had one!  Nevertheless by this time next weekend, Santa will have delivered all his parcels and we’ll be eating left over turkey – cold, fricassee’d, curried etc., – with bubble and squeak, getting the new jigsaws out, snoozing to The Great Escape and The Sound of Music and waiting until everything returns to normal.

For those who live alone and don’t have family nearby, Christmas can be a particularly difficult time with the days seemingly endless making it very lonely with normal routine activities unavailable.  Don’t be afraid to pick up a phone and ring a friend.

Monday 20th – Friday 24th December

10.00 – 12.00 Morning roll ups as normal

From Friday 24th, Jane will be on annual leave until the new year.  (Have a good rest, Jane!)  Gordon will run the bar on Christmas Eve, but you will need to have finished all your drinks by 1.45 pm, so he can get the glasses in the washer and be out by 2.00 pm.  He just needs to be at home with his family and not because he has another engagement dressing up and going out on a sleigh!

There are no Leagues this week, but if you want to play in the evenings, please use the booking system and let Jane know so she can gauge when to lock up.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day – the Club will be closed.

Monday 27th – Friday 31st December

We will open the club at 9.00 am and it will be locked at 6.00 pm.  Again, if  you want to play in the evenings, please use the booking system and let Ange/Dawn know so we can lock up at an appropriate time.  Apart from 27th, the bar will be closed all week.

Monday 27th – ‘Cottage Pie & Prosecco’ Bowls

We will be there from 11.00 am with bowls from 12.00 – 2.00 pm followed by Ange’s home made Cottage Pie & (not home made) Prosecco.  If you haven’t signed up already and would like the meal, please let Ange know by Thursday latest.  The bar will be open during this event.  There is rugby on, so allow a bit of extra time to get to the club.

New Year’s Day – The Club will Be Closed

Sunday 2nd January 2022

2.00 pm  Australian Pairs.  At the moment we have 7 pairs signed up.  Another one pair or two people would be brilliant.  Please let me know.


More news will follow this week but we all hope that we can stay open and avoid another lockdown.

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