Shorts and Flip Flops

My neighbour left his flat in shorts and flip flops this morning, whilst his girlfriend was wrapped up to the nines in wooly hat, gloves, scarf, puffa jacket, boots.  I remarked for him, at least, it must be summer !

Today is the pinnacle of shortest daylight hours as, from tomorrow, it starts getting lighter.  Whoopee!  It’s pitch black out there now, if you haven’t opened your curtains yet.

Looking forward to not driving in the dark all the time on the one hand but, more importantly, hoping you all stay safe and well as we get through the next few months.


PS  My neighbour was heading off to the swimming pool and not just being eccentric!

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  1. Jean says:

    It was quite warm and sunny here in Javea yesterday about 18 degrees – today similar! Not quite short weather for me but still better than Twickenham! Just lovely to be with family!

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