Club Competitions Nearing Another Deadline!

The greens are full with club competitions as the 3rd February deadline looms!

Just a note that when you out the scorecards in the box, please give Stella a sporting chance of knowing which competition it is so it’s easy to track!

On Thursday at 6:00 pm, Tina, Jacqui & Teresa play the next round of the National (not oldies) triples v Egham at Cambridge Park. Supporters welcome and it should be a very good game.

And, finally (she writes sounding like Trevor MacDonald!), Joan Hudson says hello from Camberley. She came down to watch some of the match on Sunday. Alas, some mobility issues prevent her bowling more than 12 ends these days. For those who are not sure who Joan is, she played outdoors at NPL for many years and every time she was listed as reserve indoors, she always turned up in whites ready to play. Sometimes she got a game and sometimes she went home after an hour. She was a good lefty front end bowler and we were lucky to have her. What a gem!

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  1. Jean Staples says:

    Let’s hope the girls win on Thursday!! Yes Joan Hudson was quite a bowler and a great supporter of games and never let us down !

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