Congratulations to Middlesex!

The Middlesex girls made a good start v Isle of Wight but then the visitors started closing the gap and by about the 14th end, there were only about two shots in it across the board, then all became equal.
On 21st end, an unlucky bowl from the opposition knocked their nearest bowl out of the head and steady bowling from all four players gave them a win of 4 shots. By this time, Ann H had drawn shot away from the opposition on 19th end. It still wasn’t over and the four knuckled down, held their nerve and produced two more winning ends.
Fantastic focussing and play from all the girls! They now face Sussex or Hampshire next Sunday in the first match and hopefully win to go on for a second game.
Well done to Norman for running the kitchen all day, to Jane serving drinks on what must have been the hottest day of the year , to Trevor the groundsman and Terry the Green Ranger, plus all those helping behind the scenes.
Great to see Brenda & Dave Southey, Gerry, Dick & Di, George, Sarah, Corale, Tricia, Janice & Marie amongst the supporters as well as members of the Middlesex Executive and other County players who came to support the team and whose nails are considerably shorter than when they left home yesterday morning!

For those of you out and about this week, please take water with you wherever you go. It will be VERY hot and you need to stay hydrated.
For those who have gone down with the dreaded Covid, we are hope you are beginning to feel better.  Take it easy.

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  1. Jean Staples says:

    Yes it was getting very close with Walker Cup game but managed to get the win! I was surprised that at least 8 of the Johns Squad I can think of we’re were not there supporting the girls! It is the survival of the fittest to play in such scorching sun – let’s hope next Sunday they can win at Cranleigh!

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