Hot, Hot, Hot!

If it wasn’t hot enough yesterday, the temperature is creeping up again today.

As a result, the ladies match v Bishop Duppas has been cancelled this afternoon

Please ensure you have plenty of water to drink. Your body will absorb it so the usual thought of “Where’s the nearest loo?” when you go out won’t come into it!

Giving you (and your pets) a spray with a fine mist of cold water will give some instant relief and it will evaporate on your skin.

Keep the curtains closed during the day and opening them later in the afternoon helps keep the inside of your home cooler.

What other tips do you use for keeping cool?

Good luck to Tina, Ashley, Paul & Dawn playing the Area semi-final of the National Mixed Fours at West Ealing tonight, alongside the Middlesex Men’s Pairs Quarter-Finals  . It’ll be a sweaty, dripping evening!


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