Buck Moon

Did anyone see the Buck Moon tonight?  It is supposed to be the night when the stags are roaring and engaging in rutting to gain their superiority in the pack/herd.

Another bit of trivia for you!

The National Mixed Fours match at West Ealing was a battle and a game of two halves. Paul & Dawn started well and then got stuck on 16 whilst Tina & Ashley caught back up. They played well leaving Paul & Dawn 4 down going into the final end. They held two and a clip on a nearby bowl edged Tina’s bowl in for 3rd at the same time nudging Paul’s bowls off to the right leaving him an impossible task of making four with his final bowl. The jack was also in a position where it would only get ditched at the back and not off sideways if Paul tried to kill the head. So, a 20-18 win to Tina & Ashley. Well done to them and we wish them best of luck in the Middlesex Area Final.
It was good to see CP members at West Ealing who came to support both teams. It was a close game and they enjoyed watching – at least that’s what they told us and we were pleased about that!

The weather seems to be cooler today with a high of 25C. That’s very pleasant compared to 32C!  Still remember to take water when you go out.
For those who have recently tested positive for the dreaded Covid, we hope you don’t feel too rough and recover soon.

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