Day 13 – National Lockdown Countdown – Vaccines

There’s been a lot of good news about the vaccines arriving fairly quickly, some before Christmas and with our demographic age at the club, a lot should be near to the top of the queue.  Hooray!

However, there was an interesting discussion on the radio as to who should get the vaccines first, so here’s something to think about and discuss …

Key and NHS Workers – all venues

Care Workers and Care Homes


Out and About Providers – like the postmen, the delivery drivers, bus, train and taxi drivers

Supermarket staff

Those with reduced immunity

Over 80s

Over 70s


These are just some thoughts.  The out and about providers and the 20s-40s are in there as they are likely to have more contact with more people – spreaders.  Most of us visit a supermarket during the week, so we’re passing staff and other shoppers – another chance to be within a metre for less than a minute.

Personally, I would not like to be part of the team making the decision.  I just thought it was thought provoking and you may want to come up with some great ideas!


I hope you are staying safe and well, that you’re managing to get out for some fresh air each day and keeping in contact with at least one other person.  Oh, and  don’t forget to keep washing those hands!

Steak & Ale Pie plus trimmings and Baked Apples with Custard are on the menu for those on Sunday’s meal run.  Next Sunday will be Beef Stifado followed by Rice Pudding with Cherry Compote.  If any of you would like that, please let Ange or me know by Wednesday.



PS  Surprised there was no further mention of classic cars besides our web host’s ongoing renovation.  I thought some of you might have a secret passion!

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