Day 17 – National Lockdown Countdown

I knew there was a reason for today’s late posting ….

Ann & Terry weren’t feeding the ducks and geese at lunchtime, just enjoying their own flasks of coffee on St Margaret’s Terrace.  (Ann was in the car.)

I didn’t know it was called St Margaret’s Terrace until a photo came up on the St Margaret’s & East Twickenham Facebook page this morning!  Their (Manson?)  photo looked as if it was taken from Twickenham Bridge showing a long line of trees down to Richmond Lock Bridge … and no cars of course.  Black and white but no date on it.

Ange and Scott saw quite a few of you yesterday on the meal run.  It’s Steak & Ale Pie this week with Baked Apple to follow – depending on the Bramleys, so let us know if you would like to be included.  £2.50 approx cost.

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