Day 18 – National Lockdown Countdown – Marble Hill Park

Some really good news – both Laurence and George H are now home from their hospital stays and both on the mend.  Neither will be playing bowls all that soon but neither are we!  We wish them well as they recouperate.

The sun’s out now so a good time to get out in the fresh air.  It was rather wet this morning but following a very interesting email from Richard H, I decided to add Marble Hill Park to my usual loop.

Richard H was stopped by a lady from English Heritage near the club.  They are doing work at Marble Hill House and Park.

They are looking at an excavation of a bowls green there as Lady Henrietta who owned the House in 1724 is reported to have played bowls in Marble Hill Park!  In fact there is a lot of excavation work going on in the Park at the moment.  I’m not sure where the bowls green would have been – would it have been just one rink I wonder?  There didn’t seem anything flat enough for a full size green as we know it at the Club.

We will be in contact with the lady from English Heritage, but are any of you members?

Perhaps Margaret B could check out her local history book as see if anything is mentioned in there?

This was on a board near the house excavations ….



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