Day 19 – National Lockdown Countdown

We’re in the teens!  Hoo-bloomin’-ray!

Chatted to a couple of people over the last few days and we all felt this lockdown was dragging more than the first.  Maybe it’s because we’re not having to make a definite time to dash to the shops to buy food?  How about you?

Margaret B rang.  She has loads of local history to go towards the centenary. Margaret joined the Club in 1995 following an ad for an Open Day on LBC!  That sounds so avant garde for a bowls club in the 90s.  She came along and was subsequently coached by Bill Holmes and I apologise because I’ve forgotten the name of the other gentleman – was it Cudmore?  Betty Carter also joined from the LBC ad.  The Ladies section was very formal – blazers, skirts hats, gloves were de rigeur for friendly matches!

Cast your mind back.  Why did you start playing bowls?  Were you inspired by your grandparents?

If you haven’t ventured outside yet, it’s showery but not cold – not as cold as it should be for mid November anyway.  Take 10 minutes to walk to the end of your road and back, if nothing else.

First of the three meals-on-wheels run tomorrow (Sunday).  If any of you would like to join the list for next Sunday, please let Ange or me know.  We can be very childish and ring your doorbell and run away (having left your meal on the doorstep) !


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  1. Jean Staples says:

    I’ve been playing bowls for years winning my first comp in 1980 and I still play with the same bowls for outdoors !! I have two really old photos of Cambridge Park outdoors which will be of great interest I’m sure especially the old cars parked in the road !!

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