Day 20 – National Lockdown Countdown – Assorted News

Firstly, a belated Happy Birthday to Jim Parker who is alive and kicking in Rustington.  His granddaughter has moved in to look after him, which he is very happy about.

Secondly, check out Ann H’s response on the Day 21 post.  What a brilliant story about her first bowls match!

Thirdly, thanks to Breda who has been keeping the paths at the club swept clear of leaves on Wednesday.  Ange and Scott were getting blisters and a physical work out yesterday by sweeping all the leaves off the car park.  It looked heaps (excuse the pun) better when they’d finished – let’s hope they haven’t all blown back this morning!  However, just as I type it’s started bucketing outside my office, so there will be a lot more to sweep up next week.  At least the blisters will have healed by then.

Fourthly, did any of you watch DIY SOS last night when they built a new Surfability Centre?  Worth seeing on iPlayer catch up.  It’s Children in Need’s big day today.  The programmes showing the issues some of the children have had during lockdown without their support groups has been heartbreaking and humbling.  Hats off to them and their parents.

And finally, leaving the sad news until last.  Middlesex Ladies former President Maureen Ayling lost her Covid battle on Wednesday.  Maureen played for many years at Bishop Duppas outdoors and Egham indoors, holding many committee posts and was a very enthusiastic club member supporting all the members.  Many of our ladies will know her, if not our chaps.  We send our deepest sympathies to her family at this tough time.

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