Day 21 – National Lockdown Countdown – Cambridge Park Centenary


There will be quite a few posts in the next couple of months as we look towards the Club’s Centenary next year.

I’m a bit worried none of you seem to remember your first bowls match at the club – can you get your thinking caps on, please?!

We are getting some ‘casual’ wear Centenary Polo Shirts and want to pick your brains re colours

The options are Navy, White, Red and Sapphire Blue (teal/turquoise to you and me!) as first options.  They will have the club centenary badge (Scott has enhanced our current badge) embroidered on the left breast,

together with the ABC Clinic logo on the right sleeve.  ABC are kindly putting some sponsorship in.

The shirts can be worn for roll ups, golf, tennis, bridge, wandering around town, out for coffee with friends etc.   (We have to stick to the regulation approved shirts for club matches.)  Norman is in charge and provided we know how many and what sizes, we can get them in time for those who want one from Father Christmas!  They will retail at £20 each.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get digital samples on the coloured backgrounds to display on here.

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  1. Ann Halliday says:

    Nice to know we have something to look forward to, Club Centenury, shirts to commemorate it great idea, put me down for one.

    My first match, if you think it counts was before I took up bowls. Bryan, my brother and sister-in-law Myra played at Masonians. Myra and her partner Lil Potter reached the club pairs final, their opponents were Peggy Murray and Dorothy Scarborough, unfortunately Peggy had an accident and broke her arm just before the final, all the other lady bowlers had already played so they asked me to sub for Peggy, my two daughters and I used to go down to the club, the girls would play tennis and play with the other children while I sunned myself, socialised and occasionally watched the bowls match, as you can imagine I didn’t know much and thought it was dead simple just putting balls up to get near the smaller white one. Anyway the outcome was I played, Dorothy hummed hymns up and down the green throughout the game, and proceeded to talk to me as if I knew what she wanted, me being me just said to her just tell me left or right and I will try to get nearer than Lil, and the rest was up to her. To this day I don’t know how we did it but we won, I still didn’t play for a number of years but did take more interest in the games I watched after that.

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      That’s brilliant, Ann!
      What a fantastic start to your bowls career even though you and Dorothy didn’t know it at the time! She must have been so proud of you!

      Good news on the shirt too.
      Anniversary of first ever match is 21st May. May is very popular for members’ birthdays too! Wonder if we should take all the others on?!

  2. Norman Chart says:

    I remember my first game it was in Plymouth on the Hoe we were just getting ready to start when this bloke comes galloping up on his horse shouting the Spanish are coming .Franny said well we will play our game first then go and sort them out.

  3. Jean Staples says:

    I won my first Competition in 1980 and I’m still playing with the same set of bowls outdoors ! I have two very old photos of Cambridge Park which I am sure Members will be interested to see especially the old cars parked in the road.

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      If you can scan the photos, Jean. I’ll put them on the website. They can’t be as old as Norman’s – he’s aged well hasn’t he?!!

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