Day 8 – National Lockdown Countdown – Bubbles, Buble & Bowls!

More upbeat news today – Christmas Family Bubbles with no doubt a smattering of Michael Buble songs but also it looks as if we can get back to bowls!

The Cambridge Park Board meet on Thursday 3rd December at 11.00 am and it is hoped that approval will be received for re-opening for bowls for the morning roll up on 4th December, if not the afternoon of 3rd.  We will give you as much notice as possible.

This is based on the Sport England report regarding grassroot sports indoors and out in relation to the various Tiers.  We should be back in Tier 2, so there are restrictions of course.  Check out the link below.  I’ve also put it on our Facebook page.

Am I a day out on the countdown?  28 days from 5th November includes 2nd December but there seems to be a slight confusion whether 2nd December is included or not.

It’s also great news for local shops and businesses who have already lost hundreds of days of trading this year.  Hairdressers will be open.  Yippee!

We all have to keep common sense going to keep our families and friends safe so we mustn’t forget or even flout the rules.

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