Day 9 – National Lockdown Countdown – Happy Birthday Brian Noel!

Was it only last year that Brian was enjoying a significant birthday as we headed off to Potters?  We hope you have a great day, although it will be somewhat different this year – as with about 90% of our members’ birthdays.  At least it looks as if your birthday month might well be able to finish with a round of golf!

Had a walk and chat with Gerry at lunchtime yesterday –  one of the Sweaters of yesteryear.  Now you’ll have to ask him what a Sweater was! 

Gerry worked on the tank transporters during the war and his de-mob was delayed by about 6 months as he took part in the Berlin Airlift, travelling in a Dakota to drop coal into Berlin.  Hands up all who knew that?!  It’s worth looking up on the internet if you’re not familiar with the airlift.

Gerry started indoor bowls at Egham around 1985 – he went there because Hounslow was full and had a waiting list.  His wife, Doreen, joined him a bit later and they both went to play outdoors at Staines as a lot of the Egham players were there and where he played his first match.   There was no looking back after that until, sadly, he decided it was time to retire from bowling this year.  He is still a social member and likes to keep up with all the news.

Kevin L (who has his Grandad’s car – the 1967 VW 1600L Variant) is a man of many talents.  If you need any furniture making or need shelves or cabinet and I can put you in touch.  He is our “Will” of The Repair Shop based at Cambridge Park!


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