Deepest Condolences to H.M. The Queen

Such sad news this morning that the 99 year old HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh has passed away.  To lose a spouse after 73 years of marriage would be heartbreaking for anyone and our thoughts go to Her Majesty, The Queen and the others in the Royal Family.  She always spoke of him as her ‘rock’ who has been with her from the early death of her father announced when she and Philip were on Royal Duty in Kenya right through the whole of her reign by her side supporting her.   He had a very hard task as the Queen’s Consort and carried it through with great dignity and a lively sense of humour, by all the reports.  I’m sure that has been an essential quality!

Losing a spouse, partner, father, grandfather, great grandfather whatever their age or your age is tough.  It is something thousands of families have had to cope with this during the last 12 months and we spare thoughts for them too as many of them will be heading towards the ‘first’ anniversary which brings back the grief, emotion, sadness, good times, hard times and memories so powerfully that it physically hurts.

The BBC have been running programmes across all their radio stations which have brought to the fore all the things Prince Philip has been involved with or encouraged.  He was obviously an intelligent man and was interested in all sorts of things which will no doubt come out in more detail over the next few weeks.

I didn’t realise the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme had been running since 1956.  Did any of you do this?

If you have any memories, please share them with us.

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  1. Steve Gibson says:

    Hi Dawn with regards to the Duke of Edinburgh awards I managed the bronze and silver but never got the Gold as I was always unable to complete the final 4day 50mile hike at the end (attempts 3 ?fails 3 ???)

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Bronze and Silver are still great achievements! Over the last year, I’m sure you must have done the equivalent of the 4 day 50 mile hike!
      Thanks for letting us know you took part.

  2. Ange says:

    Had to check because it was so long ago!
    Sue and I gained silver. I went to PE college so sport took over! Sue missed out on gold because her gold project was about the space race! They said that it had to be a British topic! Think that it still hurts!,, My memories were walking in Snowdonia and the Lake District and meeting dry food in space age packets!
    Graham my brother continued during his RAF pilot training and achieved gold. Scott completed his bronze in the Brecon Beacons…very wet and cold! Again space age food packets!
    Happy days getting out of the house and meeting so many challenges!

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