Are you Suffering from Brain Fog?

Brain fog seems to be happening to lots of people.  It’s a symptom of pregnancy, not that I think that affects any of our members!  It’s a symptom of post Covid,  which I hope isn’t the case for you.  Maybe it’s a symptom of the last weird and not-so-wonderful year with all the lockdowns, restrictions, the stopping, the starting, etc. etc.

Then there’s getting older and we forget where we put our glasses, our keys, the birthday card – carefully chosen then tucked away until the right time – and also where did we park the car at the supermarket?!

Well, we think one of you may have forgotten that you parked at the Club last Sunday and have forgotten.  You may have reported the car stolen (oops) or worse, you may have parked the car and then been taken ill.  We really hope that isn’t the case.

So this little chap is still parked at the club.  It has a Cambridge Park Bowls Club sticker inside the windscreen but it is not on our database.  If it is yours, please could you collect it and let us know so that we can add the registration alongside your membership.


Looking at the photos reminds me that my car needs a wash too!

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