EIBA Update on Face Coverings

We received an email with some updated guidelines from the EIBA, which we will implement at the club.

Please could you wear a face covering when entering/moving around/exiting the club.  If you are bowling or drinking/eating, it’s fine to leave the covering off.  This will help all of us help all our members to try and prevent any infection spreading.  We are not aware of anyone who has been in the club in the last week or so having been tested positive, and it would be really good to keep it that way.

There are only a few matches between now and Christmas and these will be played in greys, as suggested by the EIBA.

If  you haven’t had your second dose or booster, it’s a good idea to get it done.  However, we cannot force you into being vaccinated, as we know you have a personal choice.

Be alert when you’re out and about too.  You are all important to us!


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  1. Stella Spaulding says:

    I am really disappointed to read this and if EIBA are not making it mandatory I would ask the Board to reconsider this directive. Is it reasonable to direct that bowlers can be on the bowls rinks without masks for two to four hours with up to 32 people and yet be asked to wear a mask to move from the rinks to the toilet and back again, or from a dining room holding up to 50 people to the bar and back again. As far as I know the government did not include the hospitality sector when it made mask wearing mandatory in shops and on public transport and it is difficult to understand why an indoor bowls club should be treated differently from a pub or restaurant or other social setting.
    I’m guessing that we are all triple vaccinated and at the moment that is enough for the government to allow us to live normal lives.

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Thanks for the comment, Stella. I think 99/9% of us are in agreement with you! However, the EIBA and other sports organisations have a duty of care to all clubs and their members. We are very fortunate in having a well-ventilated clubhouse with measures in place to help stop the spread of infection – not just Covid. It’s best to use common sense when nipping off to the loo mid game. The pinch points where we all need to exercise social distancing are the outside door to the indoor greens, entrances to the changing rooms and around the bar. As we proved outdoors and the brief indoor season last year, it is possible to keep safe distances from those on the green whether in pairs, triples or fours. The foot-operated hand sanitisers are in place for everyone to use as well. If members wish to wear a face covering while playing, it is down to personal choice.
      In the end, we all want to enjoy the bowls, our friendships, fun whilst keeping each other safe.

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