December How Did That Happen?

Pinch, punch for the first of the month!  White rabbits!

Has the first chocolate behind Door 1 on the Advent Calendar been consumed yet?  I gather there are some alcoholic Advent Calendars, so I hope you’re all waiting until the sun is over the yard arm to open that door today!

We put our Christmas tree up in the area where I work yesterday.  It looks pretty.  With the new Omnicron variant, the restoration of face coverings in many places, I hope that we manage to get on top of the infection-spreading so you can all enjoy larger family gatherings as the festive season comes along.

We have a few poorly members, so we hope that their health improves over the rest of 2021.

What is your favourite Christmas song/carol?  Let us know and we can put a playlist together for the club Christmas Dinner on Sunday week.  “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” sung by Judy Garland makes me think of my Mum.  I don’t know why but it still makes me well up even though she’s been gone ust short of 11 years.  “In the Bleak Mid-Winter” was my Granny’s favourite carol closely followed by Silent Night.

Ooops, must dash – nothing to do with reindeers nor snow!  Have a good day.

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