Fish & Chips Friday …. Maybe Next Friday?

For the last few years on a summer Friday evening, Ann M has taken the orders and gone off to St Margaret’s Fish Bar for Fisch & Chips for the post league players that wanted it.  Wouldn’t it be good to do that again?

The Risk Assessment and Guidelines relating to visitors/spectators has gone off to Bowls England who have submitted it to the appropriate government body (DCMS) for approval.  If all goes well and the weather stays warm, a group of 6 could meet for Fish & Chips at the appropriate distance next Friday in the club grounds.  The Clubhouse wouldn’t be open so it would be back to the good old days eating out of the paper and BYO tea/wine.  We’ll take a weather check and should know by Wednesday if it’s going to be warm enough.

If we’re given the ok re visitors, is anyone interested?

Another bit of good news for Kew Gardens’ members is that it will be open from Monday 1st June but you have to book your time slot.  Hooray!  I wonder how the gardens’ blooms are doing?

I’ve planted a few things in Rita’s Garden but when I went down to water last night, I had company.  It was tricky trying to take a photo on my phone in one hand with the hose in the other, so you can’t see the other flowers, but here is a new friend

Robin’s Visit – Thursday 28th May 2020
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