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A lot of you will be waiting for this news, so I hope you have a disinfectant spray and cloth ready as you step out of your door!  There are restrictions and guidelines of course, but I’m sure you’ll follow them – they’re for everyone’s benefit.

On 27th May, Ange  supported by Jacquie Elkin, the Middlesex County Administrator along with testimonials from Ann M, Corale, Nadine and Dawn made an application to Bowls England to allow spectators at Cambridge Park.

Bowls England have responded today with advice direct from government (DCMS department) which essentially gives us the go ahead to allow spectators around the green as long as we have appropriate safety measures in place.

This is the response from Alistair Hollis, the Operational Service Manager at Bowls England

“I have received response below from Government and trust this will be of assistance to your club.

 “We hope that the overarching guidance that we have produced enables sports to make a judgement and provide sensible guidance for their members, based on their expertise and knowledge of their specific sport and in line with the government’s guidance. From a personal perspective, the case set out by Mrs Cumine seems a very sensible one and the 6 points that she makes suggest that the club could safely allow people to observe (given the various controls on movement that the club has in place). The issue of mental wellbeing and isolation that this looks to help address is clearly an important one at this difficult time. Different sports and different clubs will have unique circumstances and considerations. We feel it is for the governing bodies, and the clubs in question, to satisfy themselves that something can be done safely and in line with government guidelines (just as they have discretion in deciding whether they are ready to open safely).”

Any spectator will be asked to sign a Self Declaration Form which protects them and the club.  These are available in the lobby which will be open when bowlers are at the club  – as mats and jacks are stored there.  The loo in the lobby is available for emergency use only and every part you touch e.g. seat, flush, taps  must be disinfected after use.

Spectators are asked to sit on the sides of the green away from the bowlers’ end and stick to the rules of social distancing and sanitisation at all times.  Please bring your own disinfectant and cloth to wipe the bench/seat (and arms!) your are sitting on. You can bring your own chair if you like – just make sure you’re 2m away from the nearest person.

We will not be opening the clubhouse and no food or drink will be on sale.  You can bring your own, but you will need to take any rubbish home with you.

Check out the ‘Green Bookings’ tab and you can see when people will be playing.


Well done and thank you to everyone who was involved in making this happen.  We’re looking forward to seeing some more of you soon!


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