Friday – Sunshine, Roll Up and Deadlines

Some of us had a County match today v Hertfordshire in Potters Bar. The green was a little spongy but the weather was absolutely glorious – proper bowls weather!

Friday also looks to be pretty good as well

Karen would like your South Middlesex Competition entries by 3:00 pm Friday. If you’re not a the club before then, you can give her a ring to let her know what you’d like to enter.
From 5:00 pm on Friday, Steve B and Jon D will be rolling up to celebrate the green opening with a beer and hopefully lots of you! You can have a few ends, you can play for 30 mins or an hour or longer and sign up for Friday night leagues if you haven’t done so already.
Let’s get the outdoor season going with a bumper bowls and social evening!

Whilst waiting for Friday, have a few practice swings without anything in your bowling arm, just to get the feel of bowls movement, shifting weight from back to front foot. Progress to having a tin of baked beans or the like in your hand so your muscles get the feel of moving with a little bit of weight.
See you on Friday around 5:00!

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