Lots of Bodies on the Green … All Bowling!

A lovely evening to open the green and see so many bowling.  I was a bit too late to join in but it will need a few weeks before proper bowling can be done as it is naturally pushy after all the rain and the cut can’t be as low as it will be by the end of the month.  We will get there and the more we play on it, the better it will become.

Well done to the Greenkeepers and all the ‘green’ members.

Thanks to everyone who sang Happy Birthday and gave me the cake, organised by Karen.  A lovely surprise!  It was Jacquie E’s birthday on Wednesday, Marie’s today and Ange and Ray V’s coming up later in the month – and probably a whole host more.  May is a popular month!

Karen and Shaf headed off to Ashford to play their National Mixed Pairs – not easy when, through no fault of your own, you haven’t been able to deliver a bowl before a competition match.  They came off second, but it was still good experience.

Ann H & Peter J and Paul A & Elaine also came off second in their National Mixed Pairs, whilst Tina C & Ashley scraped through when the opposition skip’s final bowl knocked Tina’s bowl in for shot and match.  Ouch!  Martin must have felt awful snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  We’ve probably all been on a similar winning and/or losing situation.  It happens and leaves both pairs feeling awkward.

This afternoon, it’s the first Richmond & Barnes League match and we’re heading over to Mid Surrey for a 2:30 pm start.  Tomorrow we’re at home to Masonians (Dave says their green is heavy too) starting at 3:30 pm.  It would be lovely to see any supporters and spectators at both events.  Don’t forget to apply the suncream – it’s due to be 25C today!

Whites with club or white shirts for both matches.

Competition season is now well under way (thank goodness we didn’t have to play on 21st April as one Mixed Pair over in Essex had to!).

Richmond & Barnes draws are up on the noticeboard, but all competitors should have had a copy – please let Dawn know if you haven’t.

Next Saturday, 18th, it’s the Middlesex Ladies Double Rink v Eastcote at 10:00 and on 19th, it’s the Over 60’s Tony Allcock Mixed Double Rink with Peter J, Laurence, Karen, Jacqui, Jean, Dawn, Norman and Steve G taking to the green v Bishop Duppas at 10:00.

This match will be followed by the Middlesex v Kent Ladies Walker Cup starting at 13:30 with Tina and Cathy T from CP playing and Dawn as reserve.

Did any of you who live a bit further out see the Aurora Borealis?  There are too many street lights in London or I just wasn’t terribly observant last night.

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