Good Game, Good Game!

Great to see Teddington yesterday.  It was also good to see some spectators despite the weather not being as nice as last weekend.

All three rinks had good heads most end but Cambridge Park with their home advantage and having played a bit more often this summer came through.  Thanks to Dave Wilson who subbed for Teddington and to Ange for coming in for Jean at the last minute.  Needless to say Norman enjoyed dishing out the banter to both Stella and Ange, and Gibbo, from the next rink, was quick to point out to Norman that “skips should be up”!  Eileen B and Roger J from Teddington had particularly good games as did Chris C on the next door rink.  It’s always difficult to keep an eye on everyone but I did see Gym nipping in with some lovely draw bowls.

Thanks to Chris C for bringing her team across.  Most of the players are indoor members and it was good to see them again.  Both teams are looking forward to a re-match and a mug of tea or beer afterwards.  Roll on the day when Bowls England allow the bar to open!

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