Good News and Congratulation News!

For all those Middlesex Ladies’ bowlers who should have trialled for the Johns and Walker teams in 2020, have been automatically given a trial for 2021.  So, good news for not only Jean, Nadine, Ann, Cathy, Ange & Dawn but also for all our fellow team members.

BUT Congratulations to Ange, who is not only invited to trial (an achievement in itself), but she will be awarded her Middlesex COLTS’ badge after her first county game and will receive her FULL COUNTY badge after her second county game.  With all the successes in various rounds of the Middlesex and County competitions, those gave her more than enough points for the Colts’ badge and the added win in the Middlesex “Old Girls'” Fours reaching Leamington, topped up the number of points for the County badge.  A great achievement after only playing bowls for 3 years!
Well done that girl!

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  1. Ange says:

    Just want to say Thank you all for getting me there.!
    Dawn and Laurence thanks for throwing me in at the deep end after just ten days of bowling! Sarah and Anita as newbee sufferers from Norman and Terry’s eternal banter! The morning roll up crew and Jane who kept me on track … sort of!!
    To the ‘famous four’ for encouraging me and the famous three… Ann, Jean and Nadine for letting me tag along…all the Leamington!
    There are so many more people who have supported me, which is representative of the attitude of Cambridge Park as a Club.

    Bit sad that it couldn’t be this season but there are more important battles still to be won with this virus! Great to see so many people playing. Let’s hope an August pairs comp with a bbq can happen!
    Thanks to all of you! I still have to prove myself though!

    I still have to prove myself though!

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