Good News and Today’s Question!

There is a lot of good news today with the Meal Vouchers for children during the summer holidays and the steriod tablet which can be used on the most sick patients with the virus reducing the death rate.  Things are definitely looking up.  Too late for some unfortunately, but great going forward.

Matt Hancock has just said on a radio interview that they want everyone to have a summer holiday this year and an announcement will be made before 29th June.  It’s work in progress.  (Fingers crossed and if any of you want to travel with Sunvil, please let me know!)

Richard H responded to Monday’s post about a Triples League.  Would anyone else be interested or maybe a Triples Ladder so you have your own team and arrange to play another team on the Ladder as and when you want?

If we keep it within the 2 hour time slot, it would be about 12-13 ends.

Just let me know what you want and we will try and accommodate you all!


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