I Don’t Like Mondays … Well That’s the Song Title, Isn’t It?

Actually I quite like Mondays but I also like working and couldn’t imagine not doing so.  I think that ethic comes from my parents!

Anyway, Monday it is again and the weekend was good.  Well done to Laurence for organising the Triples game on Saturday afternoon.  Norman has taken over the baton and organised Triples against Peter Twells’ Chertsey IX for this Saturday.

Saturday’s game was a bit of an experiment and although it was mentioned in a post over a week or so, I gather some didn’t realise there was something going on and they might have come down to watch, so sorry if you felt you’d been left out of the loop.  It wasn’t intentional.

Now that the country is trying to get back to some sort of normality, we think more clubs would like to play games against us and others – in fact we have a club in Cambridgeshire who would like to come and play!  Bearing this in mind, quite a few people might like to have the chance to play in the team, so please email me (dawnslaughter60@icloud.com) if you are interested in playing  and we can rotate people in and out.  If we can only have 9 for a game, but 24 want to play, we need to organise a few more games!   As Fixture Secretary, Audrey will be able to sound a few clubs out and see if any would like a midweek game. It doesn’t have to be a weekend.

Thinking off the top of my head (and I might get shot for this), we could also consider running Club Pairs and/or Triples Leagues.

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