Happy Birthday, Ann D!

Congratulations to Ann D on reaching 4 score years!

We’re sorry you’ve missed out on your celebraton cruise, but we hope you have a wonderful day with the family.  Have they got jelly and ice cream lined up?!

Thanks for all you’ve done for the club over the years and for all that sewing and crocheting to help the NHS at Teddington Hospital  during  the  first  four  months  of  lockdown  when  those headbands  were  so  desperately  needed  for  the  frontline  staff  and  care  workers.

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  1. Ange says:

    Happy birthday to you!!
    Team player, coach, Mum, seamstress!
    Regards to you all!
    Pop down for the BBQ bowls on the 15th August!

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