Cambridge Park-Teddington-Strawberry Hill 3-Way Triples

On Wednesday, we see the first of the 3-Way Triples games at Cambridge Park.  Start time 2.30 pm, spectators welcome.  Each club will provide two triples and a draw will made to see who plays who.

The second round will be on Wednesday 26th August at Teddington at 2.30 pm and the third round will be on Wednesday 2nd September at Strawberry Hill.

Small match fee will be collected by Audrey who will arrange prizes to be awarded after the Strawberry Hill round.


Well done to Colin Hammond from Teddington and to Audrey for organising this.

Sign up sheets for the second and third rounds will be up this week.


PS  Don’t forget to keep washing your hands, using gel and signing in at the Club as we have a Duty of Care for Track & Trace.  Thanks.

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