Happy Birthday Jane!

Happy Birthday from all of us and we hope you have a good day and enjoy tonight’s birthday dinner!


What Jane probably wasn’t expecting was training and working on our new EPOS system!  Having attended the training, the new “till” is very good as everything is listed and you just press the appropriate tab and the price comes up.  So far so good.  All very intuitive!

After that, there are several other functions enabling you to pay by cash or card for your drinks and green fees.

There will also be new Cambridge Park membership cards designed by Scott which can be swiped through the till, and will have the facility of having money loaded onto it which can be used for purchases – similar to a Starbucks card and other sports clubs.  This will reduce the amount of cash that is handled as well as another way of reducing the risk of spreading germs.

However, like all new things, we will have to use the facility quite a few times before we’re running at full speed, so please bear with Jane, Laurence, Ange and Dawn as we all get to grips with it over the next couple of weeks.  We’re aiming to win this race as tortoises rather than hares so your patience is appreciated!

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