London Welsh Did Not Disappoint!

What a fun afternoon from start to finish!  The weather was absolutely perfect for bowling.  The green was a good pace.  The banter within rinks and across rinks was special!

London Welsh decided that to make it more of a centenary game for us, they gathered together 5 rinks to play and it was so good to see the green covered with bowlers.

Although it was a win to Cambridge Park (we’re disallowing LW’s President said they were playing to Euro rules so their score should be doubled for an away match!), the London Welsh came into their own post match.  Badges were awarded and penalty fines with our own indoor members – Carole Atkinson (LW Vice President) and  Luigi Fulgoni coming out with the heaviest fines (of course!).


I hope one of the above link works for you – it should download the file.  Full version on the Cambridge Park Facebook page.


On a final note, Sarah, Lucy, Tricia, Tina and Dawn’s win over Gym, Steve G, Kevin, Laurie and Mike on Saturday was very legitimate, despite Norman’s protestations!   Our only apology was that we just didn’t appear to be able to produce the same quality of play in our respective teams yesterday!


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