Monday Matches & Tuesday – Evening Roll Up Helpers

With the Senior Fours going on, Sarah is short of some helpers for Tuesday evening’s roll up with our new bowlers (who are all coming along very nicely).

If anyone can join Sarah, Tony & Alasdair, please let her know.


I understand Dave P & Co won their Senior Fours v Ashford.  Dave P & Andy H are playing Paul C & Jay from West Ealing this evening.  It will be a great match and one to watch.  I believe it starts between 5:00 and 6:00 pm  Also one to watch will be Gary B & partner v Joe Lovett & partner from Ashford.  Alongside the chaps, Karen & Cathy will be battling out the Middlesex Singles as well as Jean & Marion on a neighbouring rink!  It’s a very busy Monday night after the usual morning roll ups and Monday afternoon leagues.

As Peter J states, the Club is very ‘buzzy’!

Good luck to everyone playing.

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  1. John Eve says:

    Just to let you know that I am planning to come along to the Tuesday evening roll up tomorrow and will therefore be able to join Sarah, Tony and Alastair.
    As I have no contact information for Sarah so I am using this way to let her know .
    Hope it works!

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