Pinch and Pnch for the First of the Month!

September.  SEPTEMBER  How did that come around so quickly?!

Anyone returning to work after the long lockdown and easing of restrictions?  Good luck to those teachers returning to strange new rules.  We’re thinking of you.

Did anyone take up the £10 off Monday-Wednesday meals?  Sort of wish I had done now that it’s finished.

Dates for this week

Wednesday 2nd – The final round of the 3-Way Triples with Strawberry Hill and Teddington.  2.30 pm at Strawberry Hill.

Saturday 5th – MIxed Triples v Isleworth at Cambridge Park.  Think we’re still a couple of names short as they would like 4 triples, rather than three.  Plese sign up if you can play or let Dawn or Gordon know if you’re down at the club mid week.


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