Post Board Meeting Info and Apologies to Gordon!

At the Board Meeting today, Gordon says he likes to read the website post each morning with his cup of tea.  Oops.   Failed miserably today as it’s now 4.27 pm!

Anyway, with Trevor’s approval and providing we don’t get deluged with rain in the next 3 weeks, the outdoor green will open on Saturday 24th April*.  Triples can be played on every other rink but singles and pairs can be on adjacent rinks.  After 17th May, we can play all formats on adjacent rinks but we have to remember to keep the social distancing/hand sanitisation etc up of course!  It’s become a way of life now, hasn’t it?

*Please don’t try and book a rink yet.  David H will need to do a bit of liaising with our website host to reinstate the green booking system for both outdoors and, in due course, indoors alongside.

In order to get the rest of the outside area up and running before 24th April, there will be working parties on Wednesday 14th and Friday 16th April from 10.00-12.00 and the bar will be open for drinks which Jane will serve outside.  Aha, that’s got some more of you up and reading!

Please let me know if you will be joining the working party(ies)

Updated Membership Forms will be available on the website when I find some spare time over the weekend.

For info  Subs which will be due 1st May :

Combined Membership – £200;

Outdoor only  – £140;

Indoor only  – £90**;

Juniors (Under 18) – £25;

Social Membership including lockers for bowls and bowling outdoor or indoors for 5 sessions (indoor green fees in addition) – £25.   (If you subsequently join to either or both sections, this will be deducted from the sub)

Social membership for those who do not have bowls but like to come along, watch and support will be £10.  A car park badge will be issued for social members but they may only park in the car park if they are attending an event at the club.

**For those who played their full indoor subs when we started in October 2020, we will be arranging a partial discount against the 2021-2022 subs, as we appreciate the time we had indoors was somewhat limited.


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  1. Stella Spaulding says:

    Brilliant news and great work everyone to get us up and running again. Can I just ask please – will the roll-up mornings go ahead as before without the need for individuals to book rinks?

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Hi Stella
      That is the plan. I’ve asked David H if he can block book again for the Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Only 3 alternate rinks can be used if playing triples, so as per last year (indoors anyway), the first 18 to arrive will be able to play.
      It’s a bit more complicated because solo, singles and pairs can be played on adjacent rinks for the when we open, then from 17th May, we should be able to play everything on adjacent rinks – unless guidance changes to the contrary. We’ll have to see how it pans out.
      Hope you’ve managed to get back to your allotment. It would be lovely there today in the sunshine.

      • Stella Spaulding says:

        Thanks Dawn. I’ve managed to get to the allotment a lot. Onions, shallots, carrots and parsnips are in and just starting off runner beans, french beans, tomatoes and courgettes in greenhouse. All going well.

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