Late Again!

Actually slept for 8 hours last night, so everything started late today!

That wind is jolly cold so if you haven’t ventured out yet, make sure you wrap up warm.  I hope the forecast doesn’t mean we’ll be making snowmen next week.

The 2021-2022 Membership Application Form can be accessed via the link below.  There will be hard copies at the Club from 14th April if you don’t have access to a printer.

210402 – CP Membership Application 2021-2022 – Rev.1

14th April.  That’s just 10.5 days away.  We just have to stay safe and obey the current rules then we can get out and get on with the work around the club with you!  Hooray.  Face-to-face meet ups working in groups of six.

We’ve had one volunteer for 14th along with Ange and Terry so far.  We’d like to see more of you and we don’t care what your hair looks like!    If you have a yard broom or a paintbrush or the like, please bring them.  Bring gardening gloves, if  you’d like to help tackle the weed in the flowerbed between our club and Richmond Bridge Club.  We also need to count the coins in the whisky bottle, so if physical work isn’t  your thing, maybe one or two of you might like to tackle that.  I can’t remember who emptied it last.  Was it Margaret B and Beryl or Ann B and Val?  It was certainly a while ago.

Talking of Margaret B, keep bringing your 1lb/450g empty jam jars to the club.  Margaret loves jamming and she’s planning a great Centenary session!

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